Saturday, July 17, 2010

If yoga keeps you young why do you look like an old fart

I’m confused. My teacher says that yoga keeps you young yet she looks like really, really old and she says that she was doing yoga for like a million years. Do you think yoga is going to make me old like that? - Feeling Old As Patanjali

I hear you. Yogi won’t prevent you from becoming an old coot. Though this is one of the great yoga myths that plays constantly in the background of the yoga world, it is just so much boloney (organic, soy boloney of course) that keeps on going on and on. I mean hell, if you listen to how some of these yoga people talk, not only do they claim yoga will stops aging but if you do it twice a day, it will reverse aging.

Crackpots! Yet another quaint illusion to cling to when you are 20 or 30 but the Grumpy Yogi knows better. Look at these really, really old yoga peoples.

Here is list of old people who don’t do yoga if this is keeping you at night.

Which is not to say yoga can’t help keep the old bod flexible but knock off the cigs, booze, grease already if you want to gain a few years on your peeps. Besides its okay to look old, be old. What is it with this culture that makes everyone so afraid to get old. My god, in traditional cultures age is a sign of achievment and reverence. The only issue is acting old so toughen up you Krishna wanna-be's and face the yoga music that you are going to get old, yoga or not. Just talking about this makes me grumpy as hell… - The Grumpy Yogi